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The natural landscape of Mosfellsbær is rugged, and 80% of the district lies more than 100 metres above sea level. Hills such as Mosfell, Grímannsfell, Helgafell and Úlfarsfell, all 200-300 metres high, dominate the landscape; their slopes are grassy with screes. Two valleys lie between the hills, Mosfellsdalur and Reykjadalur. Most of the district's population live in the latter valley.

Under much of Mosfellsbær lies a layer of basaltic lava, which can be seen here and there in hills and rocky outcrops. Pyroclastite, formed by volcanic eruptions under glacial ice, are also noticeable in the geology of the area. The landscape of Mosfellsbær is largely a product of glaciation in the Ice Age. Rocks have been eroded by glacial ice, and the Mosfellsdalur valley is believed to have been formed in the Ice Age as a lagoon at the snout of a glacier; this explains the unusual thickness of the soil in the valley, up to 18 metres.

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